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welcome to one of the world most modern, exotic & cosmopolitan city ..  Singapore !

Moving to a new country do come with its fair share of co-ordination and inherent time-consuming hassles etc.. 

Here, we Tenantz.com put together useful home moving tips and info to get you ready for the move. We regularly update our comprehensive databases of all available local housings for your selection and viewing inspections.

All the important local information and interactive links useful and necessary to help you settle in with the locals are also categorically linked here.

Together with our personalised relocation services catering to all your moving needs, your relocation to this beautiful country here in Singapore cannot be any easier! 

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Introduction to Singapore Properties



We show you round the island of Singapore Online to give you a feel of the location at selected enclaves.





Some Popular Condos Among the Expats


City Living is a stressful!  You just want to go back to your special home where you could just relax and enjoy a view just like this  >>

Or you just want a house close to the MRT >>  or something ...

Our regularly updated databases of some popular Condos normally favored by the Expatriates.




Bungalows & Such ..


We have the best for the Top Executives.

Sizable Detached Bungalows of 5000sf to more than 25,000 sf complete with in-ground pool and garage etc ...

Check it out!




Commercial Properties


Setting up an office in Singapore? No problem. We can help too. Tell us your requirement and all. We can make all your relocation easy for you.

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Hot Deals In Town ...

We organise all the available Properties listings here .. Check what's available up here.

Sometimes we got landlords who just want it rented at all cost. You probably find some here.

Right here, Landlords can get their units rented real fast!

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